JENNIFER SANSOSTI | brooklyn to brooklin

Native New Yorker and Honors Illustration Graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Jennifer grew weary of city life over time and was ready to explore new paths by her late twenties. In June of 2010 she ventured to Maine on a whim and fell in love with it’s gorgeous terrain and wildlife. One month later she bought a large acre lot and in April of 2011 she moved to Maine and settled on her homestead in her off-grid house she built from shipping containers. Making Maine her new home and excited to learn new trades she began to explore the world of sailing. As she spent more time racing and sailing ON the water her interest to venture below it’s surface took hold. During her winters at her home in the Bahamas she began SCUBA diving in 2017 & instantly became obsessed with the sport.

Pairing her love for the Arts with her passion for the sea, marine photography became an exciting creative outlet for her. She was thrilled to land her first cover photo for Maine Boats Homes & Harbors in the September/October 2019 edition. Her work can also be found in a variety of yachting and boating publications and websites.

Jennifer is an advocate for ocean conservation and wildlife protection. She feels blessed to swim and sail alongside the plants and animals she encounters on dives and her travels. She has ventured to far corners of the globe from Tasmania to Antigua with many stops in between and is excited to share with you the beauty and excitement that surrounds her through her photographs while living her vida del mar.


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